ARAVANAIPPU approaches kind hearted people and seek financial assistance with a committed assurance that the money provided will be used only for the benefit of the needy people, for the stated and agreed purpose only.

A complete transparency is maintained by providing to the sponsor, the beneficiary details along with the documentary proof to establish the fact that only deserving people are extended the assistance after a professional check on the beneficiary is carried out by the members of ARAVANAIPPU. Finally the receipts for the payments made will be given to the sponsor.

By this process ARAVANAIPPU maintains a policy of full disclosure, complete transparency and professional due diligence in providing assistance to the deserving and needy people. Every penny received from the sponsor is exclusively used for the benefit of the identified people.


The vision of ARAVANAIPPU is to provide financial aid to 25,000 beneficiaries within a span of 10 years and to identify kind hearted sponsors to be part of this social movement to alleviate the sufferings of the people to the possible extent.

ARAVANAIPPU should also establish its own infrastructure in order to provide hope and confidence to the needy, helpless and marginalised people.



ARAVANAIPPU provides financial assistance, moral support and confidence to the physically challenged, orphaned senior citizens, mentally retarded people.

By providing education, we give them an opportunity to acquire knowledge, confidence and contribute to their bright future. This act helps them to become good citizens and make our country stronger.

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